Speaking Schedule

You will find me speaking at Cornerstone Church of Christ most Sundays. However, I am blessed to travel throughout the year to different locations nationwide and speak at special events for various churches of Christ.


January 27: Ohio Winter Lectures, Fishinger Rd. Church of Christ, Columbus, OH

May 3-5: Gospel Meeting: Pittsfield Church of Christ, Pittsfield, ME

July 10-14: Gospel Meeting: Butler St. Church of Christ, Spring Hill, LA

September 21-22: Men’s Weekend, Waterford Church of Christ, Waterford, MI

October 26-27: Adult Bible Workshop, Fairview Park Church of Christ, Little Rock, AR

November 15-17: Weekend in the Word, Church in Chillicothe, Chillicothe, OH


July 22-25: Connect Conference, Nashville, TN

October/November: Bright Rd Church of Christ, Findlay, OH


Fall: Gospel Meeting: Scottsboro, AL